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What Is The Role Of The Parental Coordinator In A Divorce?

A divorce process, and the new stage that begins after it, can be accompanied by conflicts that are difficult for parents to resolve. Both put an end to their love story, but they will always remain united by the responsibility in the care of their son.

But what to do when irreconcilable differences arise over early childhood issues in a divorce ? There are different avenues of help that the family can consider in this context.

A Way To Resolve Conflicts After Divorce

The professional figure of the parental coordinator deserves special attention in this area. After a divorce, adults can lose perspective on what is really important. Sometimes they are aware of the essentials in theory, but do not maintain this coherence in practice. They may feel overwhelmed by emotions and feelings that hinder the quality of communication between the two of you.

Defend The Best Interests Of The Minor

But the best interests of the minor is the fundamental principle that must be addressed in this period. Well, the parental coordinator is a key professional to achieve this goal. This specialty is framed in the field of law. Sometimes conflicts tend to last over time , they are not definitively resolved at some point. And this situation is negative for adults and children.

Principle Of Impartiality

Parental coordination, therefore, is a process that is framed in the legal field. The main purpose of this action plan is to enhance the well-being of the minor. This professional works from the principle of impartiality in relation to the parties. That is, it maintains this position throughout the process to analyze the story objectively.

There are other disciplines that also offer new hope in divorce proceedings: family mediation is an example of this. But it should be noted that the term we analyze in this article is not synonymous with mediation.

Family Law Specialist

The profile of the parental coordinator is that of a professional who is an expert in this type of relationship and has been trained, among other subjects, in family law. The circumstances of a divorce process can be addressed from a multidisciplinary approach. For this reason, this professional works in family courts .

Sometimes, what is stated in a court decision is not respected by one or both parties. And yet, itis necessary to establish a parenting plan that protects the rights of the child. This is one of the objectives of this process.

What Is The Parenting Plan?

This is a document that contains the information with the most relevant data on the care and education of the minor. In this way, it is possible to clarify the main points of this agreement after the divorce .

Therefore, the accompaniment of the parental coordinator is especially important during a conflictive divorce process that negatively affects children.

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